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Urethane Casting & Mold Making

Urethane casting allows for cost-effective production of small- to medium-sized runs with shorter lead-times and lower tooling costs than traditional injection molding.

Rapid Casting Advantages

  • Cast small- to medium-sized batches of parts, from tens of units to thousands

  • Production-quality finishes with the look and feel of injection molded parts

  • Typically lower unit costs than printed parts

  • Tooling in weeks, not months, when compared to injection molding

  • Ideal for electronics housings, gaskets, cosmetic parts, displays and low volume production

  • Compatible with a range of materials, including:

    • Food-grade and medical-grade materials

    • Elastomers and rigid plastics ranging from 20A - 90D durometer

    • Other materials such as silicone, plaster, concrete and composites


Design Guidelines

Please note that these are are guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. Follow these, and you should be in pretty good shape. We'll let you know if we see any problems with your design.

Casting is more art than science. Please consult with our casting experts for project specific design instructions.

Parameter Inches Milimeters
Maximum Part Size Varies Varies
Minimum Supported Wall Thickness 0.080 2.00
Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness 0.080 2.00
Minimum Supported Bosses 0.080 2.00
Minimum Unsupported Bosses 0.080 2.00
Minimum Embossed Detail (Height and Width) 0.040 1.0
Minimum Engraved Detail (Height and Width) 0.040 1.00